Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

This piece can, once again, be hung from a door handle etc. There is a loop of chain that cannot be seen in the photo for this purpose. This was a new idea for me. The “chain” attached to the round, blue glass is knotted thread. It feels like velvet and makes the chain thicker but only beads with larger holes can be threaded on. The knots are in the same style as a shamballa bracelet; the only difference that all the knots begin on the same side therefore forming the twist seen here. The threads have been secured using a silver plated box closer. This is a slight cheat as I can then attach jump rings and then the glass and the chain.

This piece is best placed in front of a window which allows the light to pass through the glass creating blue circles of light across your walls.

Complete instructions are available upon request.


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